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,,Testament,,- 120 de authors, 150 poems, 160 years of Romanian Poetry  translated in english by Daniel Ioniță

,,For this present volume he has been assisted by linguists and literary specialists Eva Foster (Oxford Falls College – Australia), Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud (Avondale College or Tertiary Studies – Australia) and Rochelle Bews (Deaking University – Australia). Daniel has been living in Australia and New Zealand since 1980, and teaches Organisational Improvement through the Business Practice Unit of The University of Technology Sydney.


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Alex Ștefănescu – Romania’s premier contemporary literary critic and historian: “This anthology displays a royal pageant of Romanian poetry. No important Romanian poet is missing… It will be difficult to ignore.” (“Poetry presented as a gift” – Literary Romania / Romania Literar ). “I am thinking how Daniel Ionita can write in one hundred manners… reconstituting the styles of poets from such different eras, while maintaining a ludic spirit. I keep his Anthology on my desk.” (Branches/Ramuri literary magazine) Associate Professor Daniel Reynaud – Avondale College for Tertiary Studies, Australia: “This is, in my view, the importance of this volume: it brings that distinctive Romanian voice to the English language… It is a bridge, or a gate, giving English speakers access deep inside the Romanian soul… These poems bring to us, on the one hand, a world of experiences common to all humanity. And yet, this world is presented to us with a voice that can only arise from the sum total of the historical and cultural resonances that make Romania, Romania.” (“Invading the Invaders” – The Morning Star / Luceaf rul de Diminea – October 2015) Radu Voinescu – literary critic, president of the Literary Criticism section of the Romanian Writers Union: “One of the major goals for Daniel Ionita when he engaged in this difficult project was to “offer the foreign reader a complete feel for the historical context of the Romanian poetry.” I believe he achieved a lot more. His Anthology has a very good chance to represent Romanian culture at a level at which we all have, for a long time now, desired it should be.” – (“The brilliant charm of anthologies” – The Morning Star / Luceaf rul de Diminea Carmen Firan – poet, novelist, playwright and translator – editorial board member at Lettre Internationale and Associate Editor at Interpoezia magazine in New York: “The translations have fluidity, and recreate the internal universe of the poem with inspired approaches. Daniel Ionita translates with his heart, as an authentic poet writes with his heart. Wherever you open this anthology, you stumble upon a particular poem which will touch you and you will feel like reading another one, and another…”
and feedback from a reader:

”Testament-Anthology of Romanian Verse – American Edition it is the business card of brilliant Romanian poets for us and our next generations. A very elegant book, with an amazing design can be the best gift for poetry lovers, familiar or not with Romanian literature. Between two covers, Romanian poetical geniuses let us the testament of immortal lyrics. Gratitude to Daniel Ionita and his collaborators who put together the most beautiful verse to create this amazing anthology! The history of Romanian poetical field is written with passion for passionate beautiful souls! This book is unique and amazing because it brings a big opportunity for all kids/ teenagers with Romanian roots who live out of the Romanian borders, to get familiar with the biggest poetry creations from Romanian literature. A true history of Romanian poems from 1850 up to date, in less than 300 pages, deserved to be in every library, but it’s a must to be under those roofs where Romanian blood is flowing. I wish to give more than 5 stars because in this book I discovered a galaxy of emotions!

 – publicat de Nuța Istrate Gangan – Florida-


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